Guild Document "fabri Sarmizegetusae AE 2006, 01162"

Document name fabri Sarmizegetusae AE 2006, 01162
Name variant (this document) [--- coll(egii) fab]r(um)
Standard name of the group fabri Sarmizegetusae
English standard name craftsmen
Standard reference AE 2006, 01162
References to other standard editions FVSarmiz 00060 = AE 2006, 01162
Source type inscription
Type of inscription honorary
Type of monument basis? Statua?
Main location Sarmizegetusa
Main province Dacia
Main admininistrative district
Post quem 126 AD
Exact date
Ante quem 200 AD
Notes on dating Lupa Dating: "Antoninisch-Severisch"
Corporate designation collegium
Internal institutions
Collective action
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Probably an inscription of a honorary statue, found in the portico of the forum, near the entrance of the tetrapylon. It mentions the guild of craftsmen but is too fragmentary to establish who was the honorand or who dedicated the statue.
Standard text of source
------] / [---]us / [--- d]ec(urio) col(oniae) / [--- coll(egii) fab]r(um) / [------
decurio of the colony ... of the guild of craftsmen …
Notes on the source