Guild Document "fabri Sarmizegetusae AE 2003, 01514"

Document name fabri Sarmizegetusae AE 2003, 01514
Name variant (this document) c]oll(egii) f[a]br(um)
Standard name of the group fabri Sarmizegetusae
English standard name craftsmen
Standard reference AE 2003, 01514
References to other standard editions IDR-03-02, 00116 = ILD 00243 = CERom-21/24, 01014 = AE 2003, 01514
Source type inscription
Type of inscription honorary
Type of monument basis, statua
Main location Sarmizegetusa
Main province Dacia
Main admininistrative district
Post quem 151 AD
Exact date
Ante quem 175 AD
Notes on dating 151 CE – 170 CE (EDH)
Corporate designation collegium
Internal institutions praefecti
Collective action hold collection to set up statue for their praefectus
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Standard text of source
M(arco) O[pe]llio M(arci) f(ilio) / Pap(iria) [A]diuto[ri] / d[ec(urioni) co]l(oniae) IIvir(o) / [iuris di]c[u]ndi / p[raef(ecto) c]oll(egii) f[a]br(um) / plebs / a[e]re conlato / l(ocus) d(atus) d(ecreto) d(ecurionum)
Translation To Marcus Opellius Adiutor, son of Marcus, of the Papiria tribe, decurio of the colony, duumvir iure dicundo, prefect of the craftsmen guild. The commoners (have set up this monument) with collected money. The location was given by decree of the decuriones.
Notes on the source