Guild Document "fabri Sarmizegetusae ILD 00287"

Document name fabri Sarmizegetusae ILD 00287
Name variant (this document) coll(egium) fabr(um)
Standard name of the group fabri Sarmizegetusae
English standard name craftsmen
Standard reference ILD 00287
References to other standard editions ILD 00287 = CERom-18, 00795 = AE 1998, 01107
Source type inscription
Type of inscription funerary
Type of monument stela
Main location Sarmizegetusa
Main province Dacia
Main admininistrative district
Post quem 171 AD
Exact date
Ante quem 225 AD
Notes on dating
Corporate designation collegium
Internal institutions
Collective action set up funerary monument to member
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Notes EDH: "Südöstlich der antiken Stadtmauer gefunden. (B): ILD 287: Z. 5: col(legium)."
Standard text of source
D(is) M(anibus) / P(ublio) Ael(io) Marti/ali vixit / ann(is) XLV / coll(egium) fabr(um)
To the God-Spirits of the Dead. For Publius Aelius Martialis. He has lived 45 years. The guild of craftsmen (has set up this monument).
Notes on the source