Guild Document "fabri Sarmizegetusae CIL 03, 01431"

Document name fabri Sarmizegetusae CIL 03, 01431
Name variant (this document) ex col(legio) fabr(um)
Standard name of the group fabri Sarmizegetusae
English standard name craftsmen
Standard reference CIL 03, 01431
References to other standard editions CIL 03, 01431 (p 1407) = IDR-03-02, 00202 = CCID 00165 = IupDol 00032
Source type inscription
Type of inscription religious
Type of monument altar
Main location Sarmizegetusa
Main province Dacia
Main admininistrative district
Post quem 201 AD
Exact date
Ante quem 250 AD
Notes on dating Date taken from Lupa
Corporate designation collegium
Internal institutions decuriae
Collective action
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Notes A votive altar for Jupiter Dolichenus set up by two members of the craftsmen guild.
Standard text of source
I(ovi) O(ptimo) M(aximo) D(olicheno) / pro salute M(arci) / Bassi Aquilae et / Gai Gaiani / ex col(legio) fabr(um) / dec(uriae*) IIII / v(otum) s(olutum) l(ibenter) m(erito)
Translation To Jupiter Optimus Maximus Dolichenus, for the wellbeing of Marcus Bassius Aquila and Gaius Gaianus, from the craftsmen guild, of the fourth decuria. (Their) vow fulfilled gladly and deservedly.
Notes on the source * An alternative reading would be 'decuriarum IIII', but the 'collegium fabrum' of numbered at least 13 decuriae, so 'decuriae' is a more plausible solution.