Person "Valerius Frontonus, Sex., Sex. f. Pap."

Id 1014
Person id-code Valerius Fronto 001
Name Valerius Frontonus, Sex., Sex. f. Pap.
Gender male
Gentilicia VALERIA
Cognomina Fronto
Tribus Papiria
Name comments
Free text (when person flourished)
Post quem (when person flourished) 57 AD
Ante quem (when person flourished) 225 AD
Notes on life data
Geography notes
Legal status ingenuus
Servile affiliation
Citizen status civis romanus
Local citizenship or ethinicity
Ordo affiliation ordo decurionum
Highest civic rank duumvir
Honorary civic status
Honorary positions
Apparitorial Rank
Military status
Military Rank
Status notes and comments The inscription is fragmentary. His career comprised certainly the office of 'aedilis', possibly that of 'duumvir', and certainly 'flamen'. He was also praefectus or patron of a 'collegium', most likely the 'collegium fabrum' (CIL ---, 1---98)