Guild "fabri Apuli municipii Septimii"

Main location Apulum
Main province Dacia
Main administrative district
Date 197-271 CE
Early post quem 197 AD
Exact date 205 AD
Early ante quem 198 AD
Late post quem 205 AD
Late exact date 205 AD
Late ante quem 271 AD
Date notes
Category fabri
English standard name craftsmen
Sector crafts
Subsector building and construction
Corporate designation collegium
Internal institutions decuriones
Protectors patroni
Collective action
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Notes The 'municipium Septimium Apulense' was established in 197 CE, comprising part of the 'cannabae' surrounding the army camp of the Legio XIII Gemina'. Its 'collegium fabrum' is first attested in 205 CE, but is likely to have been established together with the founding of the 'municipium'. We have no indication of a 'collegium fabrum' in the 'cannabae' predating the 'municipium'.