Place "Apulum (Alba Iulia/Gyulafehérvár/Carlsburg)"

Feature types
  • settlement
  • military
  • castrum
  • cannabae
  • vicus
  • municipium
  • colonia
  • city
  • Status in year 14 /
    Status in year 69 /
    Status in year 117 vicus
    Status in year 200 colonia
    Status in year 284 colonia
    Status in year 303/324 colonia
    Status in year 400 colonia
    Notes Apulum = Apula = Apulon Alba Iulia = Alba Julia = Karlsburg (Carlsburg) = Weissenburg Created first under Trajan as a 'castrum' for the 'legio XIII Gemina'. Two settlements grew near the camp. The first were 'cannabae' very near to the camp. The second was a civilian 'vicus' c. 2 km from the 'castrum', which was the centre of the 'pagus Apulensis', a district of the territory of Sarmizegetusa. It received the status of 'municipium' (municipium Aurelium Apulense) under Marcus Aurelius and was subsequently upgraded to a 'colonia' (colonia Aurelia Apulensis) under Commodus. Under Volusianus the city was called 'colonia Aurelia Apulensis Chrysopolis'. Part of the 'cannabae' became a 'municipium' (municipium Septimium Apulense) under Septimius Severus (while another part of the 'cannabae' seem to have continued outside the new 'municipium'. Hanson OID 492