Guild "fabri tignuarii Praenestae"

Main location Praeneste
Main province Italia: Regio 01, Latium et Campania
Main administrative district Latium et Campania (Regio I)
Early post quem -7 BC
Exact date
Early ante quem -3 BC
Late post quem 101 AD
Late exact date
Late ante quem 250 AD
Date notes CIL 14, 3009 mentions the 13th lustrum of the collegium. The earliest acceptable date for the inscription is 58 CE because otherwise the collegium (or its reorganisation) would have predated the reform of the Roman collegium fabrum tignuariorum. The latest acceptable date for this inscription is c. 140 CE (which would situate the creation of the collegium in 80 CE) but it is almost certainly older than this (see source record). If we assume c. 100/125 CE as a more likely ante quem date we obtain a creation (or reorganisation) date for this guild of c. 40/65 CE, close to the creation of the Ostian collegium fabrum tignuariorum c. 58/62 CE. A date closer to the creation/reorganisation of the guild of fabri tignuarii of Rome cannot be excluded.
Category fabri tignuarii
English standard name carpenters
Sector crafts
Subsector building/carpentry
Corporate designation corpus ; collegium
Internal institutions magistri quinquennales ; lustra ; quinquennales perpetui ; quinquennales perpetui dati ab imperatore
Collective action
Collective assets
Collective entitlements
Public recognition and privileges
Private duties and liabilities
Receive handouts
One first or second century inscription, preserved  largely only in a manuscript, describes this guild as a collegium fabrum withouth specification (c̲o̲l̲l̲e̲g̲(i) f̲a̲b̲r̲(um) P̲r̲a̲e̲n̲e̲s̲t̲i̲n̲o̲r̲(um)).
Three groups of fabri are attested in Praeneste in the Late Republic that may be precursors of this later collegium fabrum tignuariorum:
CIL 01, 01448, c. 100-82 BCE: A group of of unspecified fabres making a dedication to Fortuna Primigenia already.
CIL 01, 03062, c. 100-82 BCE: a collegium of fabri aerarii ( [Conl(egium) f]abr(um) aeṛ[ariorum])
CIL 01, 03068, c. 100-82 BCE: a collegium of scrutarii? et fabri ferrarii
Of the two attested quinquennales perpetui (CIL 14, 002981; 03003), one was "given by the emperor Hadrian" (CIL 14, 03003: datus ab / Imp(eratore) Hadriano Aug(usto)